I like her teaching style as there are fun and interactive elements in workout which makes me willing to stay throughout a tough workout. Charlotte is motivating, thoughtful and determined. She helped me to start off my fitness journey and make progression to my life. I started off with attending 2 classes per week; I got ‘Hook’ to it and started to attend more classes. I always wanted to slim down but only manage to shed 2kgs after 3 months.

Upon discovering Charlotte’s successful weightloss journey, I decided to seek her consultation. She provided me with one to one personal coaching which includes understanding my own diet, fitness classes to attend and recommendation of a well-balanced diet. With her guidance, I lost 22kgs in just 1.5 years. It is so inspiring! She changes my life drastically. I developed more self-confident in socializing with people. Charlotte also went on to help in my image. She provides me with guidelines on types of clothes that suits me, teaches me on simple make-up and skin care skills. She eliminated my usual ‘Baggy T-shirt, sloppy’ look into a ‘My-fitting-size, pleasant’ image.

With her consistent coaching and encouragement, I was trained to be an instructor like her which I never thought I can be one. I want to inspire more women to be like me, just like what Charlotte did for me.

Celine Leow, Shipping Executive, client since 2012



Before I began my mentorship with Charlotte, I tried calories counting and started to exercise on my own. However in the first 2 months of my own dieting regime, I have only lost 3kg. I came across Lifesparks studio and joined the piloxing class and I lost another 7kg in the next 3 months but my weight remained stagnant for another 3 months.

This is when I realised I needed additional help. Knowing about Charlotte's own weightloss journey inspired me. This is when I decided to engage in her mentorship programme. Charlotte taught me healthy dieting is not just about calories counting but also about portion control and choosing the right kind of food.

With her guidance, within 3 months i started to lose 8.5kg and my dress size is down from UK 14 to UK 12. Since Oct 2016 till now I have lost a total 19kg in 11 months. Now, I am visibly slimmer in shape and this brings me more confidence when I meet people.

Pamela Ang, client since 2016


I love her dance choreography as they are easy to follow and music selections are always very enjoyable. Charlotte is motivational and never fails to energize our classes. Because of her, I have been Zumba-ing faithfully for the past 4-5 years and still loving it. I always look forward to her class after office hours. We’ve also built strong bonds and friendship with an awesome group of people who have a common goal – dance for a better health and youth.

Hong Yee, Healthcare Professional, student since 2012

Charlotte will not just teach at her own pace but attentive in her classes. If I cannot catch up with any new steps, she will pay notice and will guide personally after class. She is energetic, fun and positive.  I changed my mindset towards fitness and understand the importance after taking classes from Charlotte.

Gloria Koh, Finance Officer, student since 2014

I attended Charlotte’ class which is also the first Zumba class of my life and I was hooked. The atmosphere in the class was amazing! No matter what’s your fitness level, Charlotte is able to engage you and motivate you to have fun and fitness at the same time. I began looking forward to every session with her and also joined her for Piloxing classes as well. That’s nearly 3 classes a week with her. She is always cheerful and full of energy which is very contagious. You always come out of her class feeling energised and happy. I call her classes my happy therapy! She forms good friendship with her participants and knows us all by names. Charlotte is inspirational, vivacious and gorgeous. She has inspired me to do more Zumba classes with other instructors as well. I have been fitter, more confident and most important, in a better state of mind to cope with the challenges of motherhood, full time work and life. A big big thank you to Charlotte for being the change agent in my life!

Angela Lo, Educator, student since 2015

My husband & I have been with Charlotte since 2013. We enjoy her class that usually have a mixture of fitness routine and new dance tracks. There’s also a right tempo to her choreography. She knows how to sense the class’s needs and cater the session with ease and fun while keeping fit.  Charlotte is spontaneous, a natural dancer and passionate in fitness. We learn that dancing can be so fun and her relentless pursuit of new fitness programs also helps us slowly branch into other sort of exercises that may suit our fitness level. At least, we dare to try because we trust her recommendations.

Shally, PA, student since 2013

Charlotte will constantly check & correct me to ensure I get into the right posture. She is cheerful, patient & an energetic instructor. After attending her classes for a few years, I have built up a hearty heart & increase my stamina

Cyndia, 61, student since 2012

I have attended her workout for more than 4 yrs. She knows all her students’ limits. She makes sure everyone is okay before she continues on the next workout. She don’t force us but she makes sure we do it right. Charlotte is caring, cheerful and understanding. I can now fits into clothes that I once loved but can’t wear previously.

Annie Lim, Admin Executive, student since 2012

I have attended her workout since early 2016. Charlotte is engaging & make sure we are doing the right pose / exercise. Charlotte is a such a sunshine, power and flow. She taught me how to become fitter. 

Charmaine, pharmacy, student since 2016

I have never been serious about exercising. Hence, explained my plump body. A friend introduced Piloxing to me last Aug 2015 and since then, I have been going for the classes faithfully. I like Charlotte’s professionalism. Her instructions were clear and easy to follow. Without knowing it, a good one hour just passed by so quickly. At the end of it, the sheer amount of perspiration from the intense exercises just made me feel so good about myself. The new-me today is now more toned up and healthier. I have also become more disciplined in exercising unlike previously when I just like to give myself excuses.  Charlotte thanks for your conscientious effort to provide classes for us in Jurong. The amount of energy you possess is insurmountable. KUDOS for your time and effort.

Tan Ai Lay, Homemaker, student since 2015

What I loved about Charlotte is that she will always watch out for those “slower” students who could not catch up or have difficulty following new routine. Charlotte is approachable, warm, friendly and patient. I have since moved to the East and due to distance & timing, I am unable to attend her workout any more. Nonetheless, I have learnt from Charlotte – if you put your mind to it, you can achieve your goals!

Jillyn Tan-Cheong, 53 years old, Homemaker.

After my first class with Charlotte, I was hooked! She is so energetic, bubbly and her smile is contagious. Workout with her becomes a part of my weekly routine and it has helped me with my weightloss and also increased my energy and stamina. The best part is, it was so much fun that working out with her doesn’t feel like a workout at all. To sum it up, Charlotte is awesome!!

Hnin, Engineer, student since 2015

Her class is up-to-date, fun, energetic and burning. Charlotte is resourceful and full of perseverance, never give up. She is ever ready for me to ask question on new steps/movements.  She will demonstrate the steps/movements for me to follow till I got the correct step.

Cheryl Lee, Accounts Manager, student since 2012

I’ve first attended Charlotte’s Zumba classes in 2012. She is always full of big smiles and a body filled with energy, always ready to leash them all out and filled the class with fun and yet intense workout. I’ve been taught by many Zumba Instructors before, but Charlotte’s classes were very effective as I could really feel my muscle burning with ache all over. I love to Zumba because it’s the only exercise that I’m willing to do without getting bored. To me, she’s also a special friend who’s willing to listen and provide very good advice with her professionalism in fitness. I love you, Charlotte!

Cocoa Yeo, housewife

She’s a bubbly teacher. She knows everyone by name. No pressure from us if we are not that flexible enough or slow to follow. Charlotte is fun, encouraging and someone who live life to the max. I am someone not totally into group exercises, prefer to go gym or running, but I find the information she shares not overbearing as she gives me time to decide. Her group of regulars are also fun loving and inclusive, which makes me feel welcome.

Janny, Lecturer, student since 2015

Charlotte knows her fitness knowledge (e.g. which muscle we are working out) well. I have seen the effect in myself after attending her classes. She is calm, encouraging and fun person. She is one instructor who inspires me to start my freelance fitness career and continues to help me with class ideas and how to cope with my classes.

Wendy Wong, Secretary, student since 2013

I have been attending Charlotte’s classes since June 2016. I like her teaching style which is very inviting and accessible for all levels and ages. During the class she is able to guide and adapt her teachings to the needs of her student’s beginners to advance. She has Positivity- the moment you walk in and until you walk out, you receive all good vibes and positivity. All love and sincerity, Versatility – Charlotte is like a chameleon, she teaches different classes so well and Accessibility- with all her talents and capabilities, she is humble and kind to the core.  That’s a true teacher.

What I have learned from her so far – Don’t be afraid to start something new. Stay calm, Give it a try and you might discover something new about yourself. Hahaha, transformation starts from within!!!

York, homemaker

Charlotte has persistent, energetic and responsive attitudes. She is someone who keeps going and never gives up. A trainer full of drives and energy. Admire her attitude towards her goals. Definitely a role model to build up self-confidence.

Rachel Loh, Sales Engineer, student since 2015

Charlotte’s classes are easy to follow and fun. She is confident, sassy and resilient and she inspired me to be beautiful, be healthy and be happy

Linda, Admin NPoly, student since 2012

I like Charlotte’s teaching style as her workouts are fun and easy to learn and I enjoyed the focus on fitness! I learnt from her to have passion on what I am doing and never give up. Charlotte is a great instructor, AWESOME and professional!

Cyndi Quek, Senior Accounts Executive, student since 2012

I really enjoyed coming for Charlotte’s class. Her energy level motivate me and I love all her dancing steps. She is so professional and I really admire the support she been giving us. By going to her classes, it gives me a good mind-set that no matter how old we are, we can do it and I always feel so youthful. Thanks Charlotte!

Bell, Senior Patient Svcs Associate TTSH, student since 2013

Charlotte is committed in making all her class participants stayed focus to enjoy the one hour workout with her nice choreography and selection of music. For someone like me who doesn’t like land aerobics workout to now appreciating the ‘sweat it out’ regime, Charlotte have inspired me to love my workout and stay committed to my exercise goals.

Eileen Tan, Executive, student since 2014

Charlotte makes me realised in order to keep healthy the only way is keep exercising regularly and tie in with diet control. She is always happy, reliable and optimistic. I like her style of teaching cos it’s very motivating and her pace is just right.

Janet Ho, Key Client Coordinator, student since 2012

Charlotte is very engaging and makes great effort to customise her classes to suit the needs of her students. She is also very professional, regularly upgrades herself by attending professional development classes both locally and abroad. Charlotte has extended her repertoire of classes from Zumba to include Piloxing, VeraFlow and Barre programs. I have thoroughly enjoyed all these lessons and am thankful for the friendship that I have built with fellow classmates together with Charlotte over the years. Wendy Seng, Educator, student since 2012