you are that girl: who need to get moving, keep dreaming and rebuild confidence
you are that GIRL
I was betrayed, broke and very much lost everything, my 10 years marriage, promising career, my start-up business and even myself. I can choose to be defeated or I can choose to rise again

Hi, I'm Charlotte Mizuki,
Founder of LifeSparks and Creator of TEMPOfiit

Welcome to You are that Girl!

In this show, I'll be sharing with you how I went from an 9-5 employee to a 6 figure business owner having 11 multiple sources of income and how you can kick the frustration, struggle and limiting belief and truly believe you deserve and can design a life you love!

This show is for you - You are that Girl who need to get moving, keep dreaming and rebuild confidence 

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Charlotte Mizuki

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