Introducing MiBeauty

MiBeauty now carries a range of skincare products under Auolive - Swiss formulated with natural active ingredients and manufactured in Singapore, Auolive leads the way to discover the true meaning of effective and time-saving skincare for modern busy women, like you and me.

Auolive first debuts with a range of premium multi-functional skincare products that are gentle yet powerful enough to protect our face from ageing and provide luxurious skincare fit for a queen.

Gone were the days of spending time over multiple steps in a skincare routine and emptying your wallet to buy many different skincare products for different beauty functions.

Auolive knows what you need and has successfully formulated a multi-functional skincare solution that fulfills all the essential beauty benefits in just a single bottle.


Besides cleansing, you will only need 1 skincare step with Day Glower for optimal care and protection for the day, and 1 application of Night Booster for deep nourishment and treatment before bedtime. Eyes Lifter is our signature must-have for the extra care to fight ageing signs around our eyes. Natural beauty is possible with weekly use of Radiance Revealer, with the infused power of Superfruit Pomegranate, you can witness the difference as your face reveals radiance from within.

Good skincare should not be a hassle. Declutter your dressing table now. With MiBeauty, you can now use the time saved for the other important things in your life.