How I Quit 6 Figure Corporate
My success is build upon 
Branding myself to be a business owner of LifeSparks and not just another fitness instructor is the key to my first success.
Soul Rich Woman demonstrate how we can crave our own niches and identity with story that stands out like crazy in the crowd. The results have help me in media coverage, interview, recording, speaking opportunities and even sharing my story at big stage event like the recent Rich Woman Masterclass by Success Resources will not be possible without Soul Rich Woman.
The blueprint clearly help to define the target audience of LifeSparks and what we are good at. SRW reminded us if you Sell to Everybody, Sell to Nobody. Speak to One Speak to Many.
Here come the most exciting part of the SRW blueprint which successfully move me from being in 2 of the Cashflow quadrants (Employee and Self-Employed) to now in the right side Business Owner and Investor quadrants.
When I started LifeSparks by teaching classes on my own in 2012, I was giving out leaflets at roadside, collecting fees one by one, tracking attendance and finding new customers and retaining existing ones was tough! I was tired and discouraged when I saw limited amount of returns after I put in so much efforts and money to rent a studio space and money to pay off all the licenses from the various certifications.
I work I get paid, I don't work I don't get paid.
From 2012 to 2015, 3 years of hardwork, only 100 clients.
I found Genecia Alluora, founder of Soul Rich Woman in 2015 and went under her 1:1 business mentorship. I knew if I want LifeSparks to become a REAL business, I need to seek help from a coach who has the expertise.
Under her mentorship, LifeSparks was transformed to a whole new level with a process which involve online system, marketing and automation. I remembered in 2016 when LifeSparks bugis outlet held its open house, it's the first time I applied the Soul Rich Woman (SRW) Blueprint, 1000 sign ups within 14 days before open house and $23,000 collected in 7 days.
By end of 2018, LifeSparks have 2000 clients and today 2019, we have 7000 clients by using the same principles and processes to open more sources of income. LEVERAGE is the key word here in order to multiple. My first leverage was the online system, process and automation.
Let me show you more leverages by using the Octopus as illustration...
So in 2016, we got in 1000 customers and that's when I started to build a team of coaches to assist in the teaching of various programs rather to handle the classes on my own. Leveraging on team to serve more customers at the same day same time with same or different services is now possible.
Lifesparks only focus on fitness classes, instructor training, studio rental and corporate classes. We grow by inspiring and grooming more to become coaches. Today we have over 30 coaches islandwide running classes and providing our services and helping more than 20 fitness entrepreneurs and 100 of dancers kickstart their passion by providing them with our studio spaces.
In 2017, I created TEMPOfiit. A Global Movement to Create Laughter, Connect Friendship and Work up a Sweat. 
Interested to become a studio owner? You can now Leverage on LifeSparks brand and reputation by becoming one of our investor!
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